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Check out the following assignment snapshots to get a clearer picture of the types of things that people ask us to do...

Confronting climate change

Climate change has become a matter of significant public interest and concern globally. We were engaged by a state government agency coordinating a national climate change response initiative to undertake project planning and work stream integration for key components of the agency's program.

Recovering from a natural disaster

A sequence of destructive earthquakes caused extensive damage to the built and natural environments over a wide geographic area. The state government agency responsible for disaster recovery engaged us to complete a wide range of assignments including the review of a draft land use recovery plan for the affected area.

Remediating environmental degradation

A $150Million dollar work program was initiated by a group of public sector agencies to remedy environmental degradation in a group of large natural lakes. We were engaged by the lead agency to prepare a comprehensive project-based work program that would coordinate that agency's involvement over multiple years.

Planning for sustainable management

District and regional plans are key vehicles for achieving the sustainable management of natural and physical resources. Over the past 20 years we've been engaged by numerous councils to assist with plan preparation and review projects. This includes preparing plan provisions, peer reviewing plan provisions, preparing officer reports on submissions and providing wide-ranging project management support.

Facilitating best practice

A state government agency, together with various partner organisations, created a public web site as a channel for communicating information about best practise in resource and environmental management. We were engaged to create original content for the web site as well as to review and edit pre-existing content as appropriate and necessary.

Enhancing forecasting capabilities

High quality information about the social and economic characteristics of an area is essential to enable sustainable management of its natural and physical resources. We were engaged by a city council to review the adequacy of existing socio-economic datasets used for forecasting purposes in order to identify opportunities to create a more robust platform for planning.

Engaging with stakeholders

In an effort to improve the performance of cities and towns a state government agency created an urban design protocol based upon international best practise. Stakeholders were encouraged to sign-up to the protocol as an expression of their commitment to good urban design. We were asked to design and administer a survey of protocol signatories for the purpose of determining their views on the perceived usefulness of the urban design platform.

Enabling integrated management

A community group wished to alter the existing management regime for a large coastal lake in order to better accommodate the various interests and needs of stakeholders. We were engaged to identify the associated consent requirements, prepare the consent applications and represent the group's interests in council hearings.


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